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Safety tips and use of gas water heaters

A water heater is a device that provides hot water needed for homes, buildings and even industrial places. How a water heater does this depends on the type and how it works. A gas water heater is a water heater that uses the energy of a gas combustion product to bring water to the desired […]

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شیر اطمینان آبگرمکن

How the safety valve works

What is a safety valve? Relief valve is a type of industrial valve that is used to regulate, reduce and maintain the valve outlet pressure in transmission lines, network and distribution of drinking water and crude oil and other industries. Another use of these valves is when the inlet pressure fluctuates in the system. These […]

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Types of gas water heaters

Water heaters are devices used to heat water. This hot water is used for washing dishes and clothes, bathing and heating the home environment and is sometimes used in industrial applications such as producing super hot steam. There are different types of water heaters and they are classified in different ways. Water heaters can be […]

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