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A water heater is a device that provides hot water needed for homes, buildings and even industrial places. How a water heater does this depends on the type and how it works. A gas water heater is a water heater that uses the energy of a gas combustion product to bring water to the desired temperature.

Safety tips and use of gas water heaters

The use of water heaters has conditions to minimize the risk to the consumer. These safety conditions and tips are as follows:

Choosing the right water heater for the space:

Choose and provide a water heater that fits the size of your home. The capacity of each water heater depends on the size of its burner as well as the size of its tank. For this purpose, it is good to know that for an area of ​​less than 50 square meters, it is better to use a standing water heater. Also keep in mind that a water heater must be installed for each residential unit.

Having a suitable installation space:

For proper operation of the water heater, it should be placed in an environment that is at a suitable distance from other appliances. The space required to install the water heater is 2 square meters. Also, if you use a wall-mounted water heater, keep in mind that the minimum height required for installation is 1 meter. But it must be installed exactly so that you and other users can easily see the pilot flame.

In addition, keep in mind that the installation location should be such that the water heater can be opened and closed easily. Also, avoid installing water heaters in closed and abandoned environments such as basements and warehouses. Remember that if you install the water heater in an open environment, this environment must be covered and the water heater must be protected from freezing and wind.

Another thing about the installation space of the water heater is that it should not be installed on a wooden floor or flammable materials. On the other hand, installing a water heater near flammable materials is also dangerous.

Installation in a well-ventilated environment:

The installation site must be properly ventilated and provide adequate oxygen to the water heater to burn. Also keep in mind, if your water heater is wall-mounted, be sure not to install it in the bathroom or toilet. Remember that if you have to install a water heater in the kitchen, it is better to use the air conditioning fan.

Secure installation:

Be sure to use the best specialists for installation. Also make sure the water heater connections are tight and the water heater is stable.

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