اجاق گاز

Food is one of the basic human needs and it has not been eliminated or replaced in any period of time. After discovering the fire and realizing that some materials can also be used for human cooking, a tool was used to use this fire to cook materials and prepare food. The result was a device called a home gas. Today’s stoves are produced in different types such as desktop, electric, gas, plate, oven, without oven, etc.

It should be noted that cooking stoves are energy-efficient appliances. These devices consume a significant amount of gas or electricity. Therefore, all honorable women should try to make better use of this device. Also, when buying this device, you should be careful to provide the most optimal and least consumable ones.

  • The first point about using a stove is to remember that the flame color should always be blue under any circumstances. In fact, when the gas burns completely, the flame is blue. The fuel to air ratio is one to ten. When the color of the flame is yellow, it means that the combustion operation is incomplete. Yellow causes of flame burning include impurities in the exhaust gas, inadequate suction of the chimney and other cases.
  • To use the stove, make sure that the pan fits the selected flame
  • If you did not intend to use the stove for a long time, be sure to separate the stove from city gas
  • If food spills on the gas, first close the gas inlet valve and clean the material
  • If your stove does not have a lighter, always be careful to turn on the stove, first turn on your match or separate lighter and then open the gas valve
  • To install the stove, make sure that it is in a place that is away from rapid air currents and also has the possibility of proper ventilation
    Avoid placing heavy objects on the gas and consider the gas tolerance limit for placing objects on it.

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