Water heaters are devices used to heat water. This hot water is used for washing dishes and clothes, bathing and heating the home environment and is sometimes used in industrial applications such as producing super hot steam. There are different types of water heaters and they are classified in different ways. Water heaters can be classified based on fuel consumption; Coal water heaters, oil water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters and electric water heaters.
Gas water heaters

As the name implies, these water heaters use heat energy from gas fuel to heat water. In fact, inside these water heaters, there is a burner that burns the gas and the resulting heat energy to water and cause it to heat up.
Types of gas water heaters

There are 2 types of gas water heaters, which we will examine below.

آبگرمکن دیواری گازی

Gas wall water heater

It is a device used to heat water. The reason for naming this type of water heaters is where they are installed. In fact, because they are mounted on a wall, they are named after a wall. These water heaters have other small ones and are suitable for use in small spaces. The operation of these water heaters is such that in the heart of them there is a network of pipes called coils.

After the hot water valve opens, and the water starts moving in this coil, the water heater sensor is activated and the water heater flame is lit. This flame heats the coils quickly and with its high force and causes the water inside it to heat up. These types of water heaters are generally used for small spaces and places that do not require high heat load. The positive point for wall-mounted water heaters is that they can easily and spontaneously supply the consumed hot water according to their volume.

But the downside is that if the water pressure is so low that the water motion sensor is not activated, their torch will not light up and they will not heat the water. Another negative point about this model of water heaters is that due to the space and high temperature of this type of water heaters, water is produced and these sediments are transferred through the consumption path and valves, which may cause them to break down. To solve this, you must use a sediment separation filter after the water heater outlet.

آبگرمکن ایستاده گازی

Gas standing water heater

Standing gas water heaters are also used to heat water. These water heaters have a large volume and usually at the end of their body there is a base that is placed on the floor and on it with the water heater and for this reason they are called standing water heaters. The way these water heaters work is that they have a water tank in their heart, under which there is a burner and the burner itself is connected to a thermostat.

After adjusting the required temperature for the water heater using the adjustment valve, whenever the temperature is lower than expected, the thermostat operates and turns on the burner, causing the water temperature to reach the consumer’s desired level. After opening the valve, the hot water in the tank is emptied and cold water enters it, which whenever the temperature is below the ideal level, the thermostat operates again and turns on the burner.

The important thing about this type of water heater is that the thermostat may not work properly. To eliminate the risk of this issue, a safety valve is used on top of the water heater, which operates when the pressure inside the tank increases and removes excess steam. These water heaters have a certain tank volume and can provide the same amount each time. In fact, these water heaters do not work well on an instantaneous basis, and if they run out of water, they generally run into problems, but they are generally always responsive to normal use, even at low pressures and limited use.

The disadvantage of these water heaters is that due to the constant light of the burner, both limited and active, they cause deposits in the tank and these deposits cause damage and perforation of the tank over time, which is generally not a problem that can be repaired. .

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